Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"Healthy" Eating

A local friend and I have started our own Fake Watchers meeting. It's just the two of us and we walk our German Shepherds and talk about food but it works for us. I've gained about 7 lbs over my goal and am having trouble reining myself in to keep it off so when N asked for a little support I enthusiastically agreed. Lunging toward her screeching, "Yes! That's a wonderful idea! Come to my house! I have a scale. Can you come now? How about now? Now?" is enthusiastic, right?

Tomorrow marks our the end of our first full week so I've been pretty good. Not great since I ate out twice over the weekend and didn't have any very good choices available to me but I did my best. I also enjoyed the hell out of the hollondaise, chocolate sauce and risotto. Just not all at the same time. Being out and about so much also meant I didn't have enough time to cook up proper, boring, on-program food for the week. I had some roasted cauliflower from the previous weekend's cook so I brought that for lunch Monday and Tuesday with my crock potted chicken.

Man, Monday afternoon I felt awful. Not truly barfy awful but bloaty and uncomfortable and sort of hungry but in that way where you think that eating something will settle your stomach but it doesn't. I took many different OTC remedies and rested up that night. I felt some better Tuesday morning but not great. About halfway through my lunch on Tuesday I really looked at it. It was roasted cauliflower so some of it was that roasty-toasty brown. Other parts of it were slightly black, or maybe purple. As I ate I looked and poked and checked. Yeah, you know, that cauliflower was probably not very good. And yet, there were still 3 pieces left and they were within my allotted points and I was meeting with N that night so I needed to stay on program so I just ate them.

Healthy eating Week 1 has perhaps been good for weight loss (we'll see when I weigh in tomorrow) but if I keep eating like this I might need to rename it.


  1. Surely you've heard, there's a depression on! Waste not want not!

    Yeah, it was gross.

  2. I hate that veggies did you wrong. But alas it was califlower! Bluck!
    Yes, I was inspired by Milk. I wept. Some for home because San Francisco is my choosen home. And some because of my choosen people.
    I'm glad to know the story. It makes it so much more powerful when you can put those places in your head and actually see them.
    The neighborhood, The Castro. He built that. Hot and Hunky! The parades! We're here, we're queer. All of it. A legacy of hope. Its a lovely place with window boxes and rainbow flags and whistles of happiness!

  3. Depression = forced cauliflower upon your readers.