Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I'm Not Really From Nantucket

San Diego Momma is nothing if not a button pusher and envelope pusher and other pushy things (nice pushy things, she's really nice, you should meet her...and drink wine). She's trying to push all her PROMPTuesday Peeps to open up and write outside of their comfort zone. I'm trying very hard never to give myself a pass on any o fher prompts. Which is why with #34 she's gotten me to write a limerick. I'm so bad at writing rhyming poetry that I couldn't even make it dirty and I had to resort to the Nantucket thing just to get myself started. Feel free to shame me with fabulous limericks in the comments section (MAB, I'm looking at you in particular) 'cause I love limericks I just shouldn't sully the form by trying to write them.

There once was a poem from Nantucket
I’m trying to write and not fuck it
I bang out a rhyme
And it seems like a crime
But it’s good for my very own bucket….list.


  1. Love it, love it, love it.

    I refuse to make mine dirty,
    My style is really more flirty.
    But I'm not truly a prude.
    In fact I can be quite rude.
    And the view up my skirt is sure purty.

  2. Oh, YAY!! I LURVE limericks! I've even written a few myself (and committed them to memory):

    I woke in a mood mean and dour
    my orange juice spoiled and sour
    WAFFLES! I thought
    would cheer me a lot
    though it seems I am quite out of flour

    Crazy old Annabelle Maude
    Lived on a diet quite odd
    she would only eat
    pickled cabbage, pigs feet,
    and bits of dehydrated cod.

    JRH, I love yours! It really IS a little dirty!

  3. OH SNAP!!! both of these...well. they got an all cap snap.

    i'm on my way to play practice
    where we'll see just how good act one is
    it's not really fair
    I say a Hebrew prayer
    and all I remember is

  4. Funny! You did great!

  5. Funny! You did great!

  6. You guys are amazing, just fabulous every one of you. How do you do it?

  7. Are you kidding with the "I'm not good at rhyming poetry" thing?

    This was GOOD.

    So good I'm not even going to do a limerick because the comparison would put me to shame.

  8. there once was a girl named Kizzy,
    who said she couldnt rhyme worth a shizzy
    her bit didnt suck it
    tho she used the nantucket
    and we love her so much we get


  9. An old woman from St. Moritz
    Would scare the men out of their wits
    When she headed downtown
    And then threw off her gown
    To display her old saggy vagina

    (Sorry. Couldn't think of a body part that rhymed with "wits".)

  10. Nantucket works. Brought a smile to my face. And LMAO on your commenters' pieces.

  11. MAB, you are incorrigible.