Monday, March 09, 2009

Pointing the Finger

I learned a lot over the course of the election season. I learned that nobody gives a shit what I think if they disagree with me. I learned people think Hope is overrated (so I told myself the story of Pandora's box at bedtime). I learned that I can listen to a Presidential speech, it just depends on the President.

This weekend, well beyond the election season, I learned that if I were a member of the voting public during Lincoln's time (time travel and gender re-assignment surgery required, better do those in the right order) I'd have been scared shitless by the guy. Suspending habeus corpus? Using martial law to further his social agenda? Yikes! And yet, from my perspective way over here with my vagina in the early 21st century those things turned out pretty well.

Which is all to say that I shouldn't be blogging the political at all. Given that look at what Chili did. And then after saying she didn't want to do it she did it again. Plus I just spent some time being educated in depth by this post and comment thread over at the Whatever (be sure to read the comment policy before wading in, it's reiterated in the first comment). Don't get your politics from me. Look! Over there! Something shiny!


  1. Hold the phone. I don't always agree with you but I give a shit about what you think! Lot's of shits, as a matter of fact. You're my friend and I love you. Fuck the people who are not able to disagree and still care about what you think!

  2. Anonymous7:46 PM

    I give a shit about what you think, too, Kizz. Just because I may disagree with your stances on occassion doesn't mean I disrespect them or dismiss them out of hand.