Sunday, March 08, 2009

Survival in the Urban Jungle

Today I found myself on the street having left my cell phone behind with no pay phone in sight and an urgent call to make. Even if I had found a pay phone I didn't have any change.

Only I wasn't on the street, I was in a restroom in a major sporting arena and it wasn't a phone call that was urgent. I found a..."pre-paid phone" in the bottom of my bag with a few short minutes left on it and was able to make it home without embarrassing myself but it wasn't fun.

I'd like to ask MSG why they hate women. And also I'd like to ask 7th Generation (again) what they suggest when one wants to protect an entire pair of underpants with their bullshit half-width pantiliners.


  1. That just sucks. Glad you made it home ok!

  2. HATE that.

    Changed a prepaid phone card (the kind that stores the minutes on the inside) in the woods during a hike this weekend... that was a first...

  3. Sounds like suckorama all the way around.

    Oh, did you hear about the sanitary napkin company that put "Have a Happy Day" on the pads? Really. There's a hysterical letter written to the company out there in the blogosphere.

    I don't have an email for you, and wanted to ask you a couple of questions. Can you go to my profile and click on "email me" and let me know your email?

    I loved your chapbook idea and am appreciative of the "Whatever" link!

  4. We're not talking about phones here, are we?

    Never mind. Don't answer that.

  5. JRH, yet another reason I do not every want/need to hike. Ever.

    JCK, I did hear about the happy day people. Clearly not people who have periods like I do.

    MAB, I know you're a delicate flower, I was trying to spare you.