Monday, March 02, 2009

Watch Out!

If you're sitting next to Auntie when she scrutinizes this picture you probably want to cover your head. And your ears. Maybe your eyes. Her head's gonna explode.

See that car driving down the street? See how well the back is cleared off? It's twice as clear as the front. (BOOM goes the dynamite.)

So, I put up some more photos on Flickr finally. If you feel like checking them out.


  1. The lazy fuck! Yesterday I yelled at the Room-Mate for doing that. In her defense, she just moved the car to the neighbors driveway, but still.

  2. I rather enjoy driving down the highway at 60 mph and having large chunks of snow, ice, or snowy ice come flying off the top of an SUV and land smack on my windshield. It's safe and fun.

  3. Oh, don't start with me. I came THIS close to chasing down a woman in the Target parking lot a couple of weeks ago who, I SWEAR TO GODDESS, only had a six-inch square chipped out of the ice on her front windshield. It was ALL I could do to not follow her back in (I was on my way out) and let her have the wrath that all the other idiots like her have banked up in my black little soul...