Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Birthday Nightcap

I figure I should start out strong. He bonded us together, he deserves pride of place.

Couldn't unearth photos of the Big Bang Theory's writers' room but I did find a non-first season pic of the pretty people of Grey's Anatomy.

I learned who Matt Nathanson was! He's that singer you were telling me about!

I couldn't find the picture of Connie Britton twirling, I'm sorry about that.

I simply can't watch ANTM but now, wow, I'm sorry about that. Woof.
Did you know there are pictures out there of Youk totally naked? Yup, no facial hair at all. His chin is just as big as that beard, too. He not only has the strength of 10 men he has their chins too!
Happy Birthday! Sleep tight.

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