Friday, April 24, 2009

Dear Bill, What Are My Rights?

Surely you'll remember that I turned in Motherscribe interview a short time ago. It's going to go live this evening at some point. Before that happens I thought it best to review some of the rights and responsibilities of the blogging age.

JCK writes a strong interview. She decided what sorts of information she wanted to gather and she pulled no punches in crafting questions that would elicit it. This was a tough interview to answer, not because I didn't know the answers but because it felt dangerous to make those answers public. I thought it over, though, and I commited to completing the interview. Having made that committment I couldn't dishonor JCK's work by answering with any less bravery than her own. It's my right to make these answers about myself public and it's my responsibility to own them, which is why I chose not to have my interview published anonymously.

Now on to you. I put this information out there and I'm telling you where to find it so obviously you have a right to read it. It is also your right not to read it. However, I can't make that decision for you, you know where the x button is and if you've gotten so far as to be reading this you know how to use it. If you choose not to use it then, respectfully, don't come crying to me.

There are questions about sex, childhood, gender roles, role models, dreams, aspirations, fears and more. It's deeply personal stuff and it's been amazing to me to read all the various experiences of the women who are participating. I will be interview #23 in the series and I imagine there are plenty more to come after me. I strongly suggest that you head over to Motherscribe and look over one or more of the first 22 interviews. Before you read my interview get a feel for what questions are being asked (mine are ever so slightly different because I'm one of only 2 single, child-free interviewees thus far) and decide whether or not you'll feel comfortable finding out what I think and feel about these subjects. Then make yourself a good, old fashioned, well informed adult-type decision. To read or not to read? It's a very good question.

For other very good questions check out those interviews.

I'll let you know when mine goes up.


  1. Miflohny11:07 PM

    I'm sure it'll be a wonderful interview, and I'm looking forward to reading it, but just because someone asks a question - in an interview or in any situation - doesn't mean you are obligated to answer it. A person ALWAYS has a right to decline to answer any question if they feel it is too personal, or for any reason whatsoever. There may be consequences to not answering a question in real life, but there are consequences to answering as well. Consequences come with living. But there's no dishonor given to an interviewer by not answering their question - though I'm sure some interviewers would gladly want you to think that so that they can get an answer to all their questions! :-)

  2. In many cases you are correct. In this case, as I interpret the commitment, it would have flown in the face of the work JCK was doing to decline. I see it as an all or nothing situation. I'm sure that you would have interpreted it differently but, you know, that's life.

  3. Kizz, I am honored that you shared of yourself so openly and honestly in my interview.

    It has been a joyful, always surprising journey with these interviews and yours resonated with me deeply.

    Thank you, again.


  4. No, my friend, thank you. I think this project is amazing.