Monday, April 20, 2009

Haven't Done This In A While

Time to look at the old starred file (thank you Google reader) and see if I've got anything worth sharing.

1. Did you know that Wall Street folks are the victims here? Yup, read the highlights of that tragic novella here.

2. Will I be encouraging a generation of counterfeiters if I buy every kid I know (and many of the adults) this for Christmas?

3. I love convenience, especially with purchasing items that I am nervous about but I also love having independent stores everywhere. I rarely eat at a chain restaurant but I am guilty of purchasing (not exclusively) at big boxes for books, electronics and groceries. I like the specific instruction on how to support local business given by the 3/50 project.

4. Clinton Hill Blog posted the skinny on a local mansion. Apparently after a recent renovation it houses "low-income individuals, people with chronic diseases, and the formerly homeless." How cool is that?

5. Had to have one of these. My most recent favorite Dear Old Love.

6. I'm still super pissed about the clusterfuck that is the NYC MTA and their fare hikes. While I sit here stewing futilely other people are fighting back with some all too true guerrilla art.

7. Did you know that LA County has about 13,000 untested rape kits? I didn't either. Makes me wonder how many we have in NYC or in your home base. In the mean time, careful not to get raped in LA County 'cause nobody cares about catching the guy.

8. I am intrigued and confused by a Scalzi-provided link to a quote from Alan Cumming. Apparently you can be queer without being gay. Part of my brain says, "That makes total sense!" and the other part is all, "I'm sorry, what now?"

9. Since we as a country are, supposedly, trying to be more green by the moment I thought I'd provide you with new avenues for recycling. Don't just throw those old sex toys away! They can be recycled.

10. Have I shown you this before? Jim at Sweet Juniper went to a block where 60 out of 66 homes are abandoned and he took photos of every single one and stitched them together. I know I've said before that I feel as though Detroit is on point for the rest of America in terms of what the coming (and already arrived) "hard times" have in store. This is but one example. If you're a visual person having trouble grasping the direness of the straits we're in though I think this will help. If help is the right word.

11. I've been trying to write about this for weeks and I simply can't. It pushes every one of my buttons so hard I have bruises. The link is a Feministing post quoting a pro lifer as accusing college educated women of having high rates of abortion because "we all know" college kids are having sex (no argument here) but there are no children so there must be huge rates of abortion amongst the collegiate types. speechless. REAL SEX ED WORKS! TEACH KIDS TO USE BIRTH CONTROL AND TO HAVE POWER OVER THEIR BODIES YOU CRAZY, DELUDED BITCH! And there you have it, why I couldn't write a full post on the subject. All caps post are no good, no good for anyone.

12. On a similar note Scalzi schools me on procreation. It's been warm and beautiful out this weekend which only serves to show me how many people in my neighborhood are thumbing their noses (and other protruding body parts) at the zero population growth movement. Scalzi tells me not to sweat the procreation, focus on the distribution and use of resources. Sigh. OK. I'll try.

I leave you with an even dozen because I am craving donuts. Enjoy! Come back and chat about it all if you're so inclined.


  1. I love your link posts. The 3/50 one really got me thinking...

  2. In the summer you can include farm stands up where you are, that's pretty cool. Plus it kind of FORCES you to go to the yummy ice cream stand. I mean, got to support local business! :) Yeah, I really like the project and, while I think I already support local business that much per month, I'm not sure and I'm planning to take a look.

  3. I LOVE this!;


    You rock!

  4. Yeah, the woman from #11 is the kinf that gives pro-lifers a bad name. Unfortunately, she's either the majority or the WAY-to-vocal minority.

    Here's the bottom line. The most effective birth control is not abstinence. It is not condoms. Or the pill. Or Depo-Vera or some other shot.

    The most effective birth control is education, information, and knowledge.

    Here endeth the lesson.