Sunday, April 12, 2009

Plain Old Easter

I'm not one for celebrating Easter, really. I mean, I like ham and I like hats but it's just not one of the ones I pay a lot of attention to. Growing up we did sometimes go to my grandparents' but there wasn't a mandatory dress-shopping trip or anything that I remember. The one memory I have is an egg hunt. My grandmother (I'm assuming it was her instigation, I don't actually know) hid eggs far and wide on their vast lawn. Not being very inquisitive or very aggressive I didn't make a great showing but I have a picture in my head of a small, foil-wrapped, chocolate egg nested in the bloom of a crocus right next to the big granite slab front stoop. To be honest, I think my mom pointed it out to me so I wouldn't come up completely empty. I almost didn't want to pick it up, though, I loved the way it looked shining there in the sun, just on the verge of melting and ruining the image.

My first Easter in New York I was working. It was the final day of spring break and I'd been stage managing as my freshman tech requirement which turned out to include 12-18 hour days in the theatre. I'd known JAM a few months and our relationship's flight was just taking off for that epic journey that would eventually Hindenburg right out. I don't know that I even realized it was Easter but, having a minister for a father, JAM remembered. We "celebrated" by actually leaving our respective theaters midday and walking 3 blocks to the park. We sat on a bench and ate pizza and drank fountain cokes and it was delicious. I wore no bonnet and no dress. I had on gray sweatpants that were hiked up on my calves to show off my stylish Reebok high tops and a salmon colored fashion sweatshirt. I wore my hair in a rakish side ponytail secured with a barrette, homage to the director I was working for/idolizing. I don't remember what we talked about but would put my money on me complaining and him fawning. It was a pattern. A couple of years later I told ChemE that we just celebrated our anniversary on Easter because I didn't remember the date, I mean, who remembers the exact dates of Easters past? "April 4th," she replied. So, April 4th. A few years after that, around April 8th I'd guess, we sat on a subway going somewhere ordinary and realized we'd both missed our anniversary entirely.

If only it were as easy to read the signs when one's face was that close to the page.

This year was ordinary too, just the way I like it. I had 4 days mostly to myself and I took full advantage. My food is cooked, my chores are as done as they need to be, I haven't showered since Friday (aren't you glad you're not here). Normally I don't feel weird about this sort of holiday weekend at all but I feel as though I got asked "So what are you doing for the holiday?" more than usual this year. "Read books in bed" isn't the answer they're looking for. It's times like this that it's good to have a blog. You guys are up for every answer. Hope you had a wonderful holiday no matter what you did.


  1. I played "Easter Bunny" by hiding mini Tonka trucks instead of eggs and napped for three and a half hours after the hunt. Usual is what you make of it. :)

  2. Mr. Chili did his usual egg hunt (plastic eggs containing clues to the next one's location - no random hunting for THIS man!), I taught a yoga class, we went to brunch where there were almost no hitches, then I went to tend to my mother. I came home to the family watching The Incredibles, then we all went to bed where Mr. Chili and I read for a bit and then, well, yeah. It was a pretty good day, all in all.

    JRH is right; only WE get to decide what works for us. I'd only balk at an answer of "reading in bed" because I'd be profoundly jealous.

  3. Yeah, well there's your rebirth and renewal right there, Chili. :)

  4. We did church. Egg hunt. Yummy food and margaritas at a friend's annual brunch. My head hurts today, but yesterday was fun!

  5. I did nothing. I wouldn't have remembered it was Easter if my mother weren't a minister. I didn't even have a chocolate bunny.

  6. Hey, there you are! I was starting to worry. I think you might need more chocolate in your life.