Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Priori-what now?

I spent my writing time tonight working on something that's not a blog post. Actually I did 2 writing sessions today. One for the musical and one for my Motherscribe interview. Have you been reading the Motherscribe interviews? At first I thought I wouldn't read them until I finished mine but I couldn't wrap my head around that so I've been reading along. It's an ambitious project and I'm learning a lot as well as running up against some fairly hard walls in my own thinking. I've been working on my own answers for weeks now. I thought I was done tonight but when I started formatting it I realized one question was completely unanswered. I want to answer it I just...can't. Yet. So, I'll need to keep working a little before I turn it in.

In the mean time, go ahead over and read what everyone else has said so far.