Monday, April 06, 2009

Ring Around the Something

This one I love because it's the most off the wall one so far. It's just all out of left field and shit and that makes me happy. Go see what else WHIMSYLove has to offer.

Is it pissing down rain where you are? It's been thundering here, too. My dog is petrified of thunder. If the cats weren't heartless bastards she'd look like this. I hate that she's been alone all day long and wigging out by herself. I can look forward to an apartment covered in a funk of fear-inspired drool and undercoat shed. Let's hope that's all I'll get.


  1. I'm so glad these make you happy.

    I'm sending you an email with an LOL attached; it seemed appropriate.

    There's been no thunder, but it's been Noah-worthy raining all day. Blah. Welcome to spring. At least it isn't snow...

  2. We got pouring rain and thunder. I got trapped in the cafe for an hour. It's ok though 'cause cook man made a pot of dark roast. Yum!

    Hope Em is ok!

  3. Miflohny9:28 PM

    Little Seal and I got caught in the rain on the way to and from his doctor appt. today (just a check-up, he's fine). On the way home, when it was raining quite hard, he proved he's his mom's son. Instead of hating the rain, he relished walking in it - insisting on walking all the way home, when normally he would want to be carried. (I don't love walking in the rain, unless it's light, but it doesn't bother me - unless it's accompanied by lightning.) Well Little Seal stopped at every puddle and tried to take detours down side streets. He even did this weird thing of trying to scoop up something from the sidewalk (rain? the rocks in the cement?) and then walking a few steps and dropping whatever it was into the top of a traffic cone that was on the sidewalk. He did this about 5 times! I sure wish I knew what was going on in his wonderful head!