Thursday, April 30, 2009

Seriously, Y'all

I asked for some help for Auntie's Birthday Hot People Post and a couple of people did chime in (THANK YOU!). I think it was Snob who suggested Katherine Moennig. While I love KM she plays a character that Auntie despises with all her being. There's another actress from The L Word, though, Sara Shahi, who I'll use, I'm sure. Auntie herself gave me a longish list...of men. I felt stupid leaning over and virtually whispering in her ear, "Pssst, you're a lesbian. Making it a whole list of men would be...well...kind of not the point!" I'll include the men, I'm all for the equal opportunity of hot, I'm just saying I feel like a few women ought to be included, don't you? All on my own I came up with Rosario Dawson, she's a strong choice, right?

It's not enough, though. Anyone have other thoughts?


  1. sarah paulson
    definitely sara shahi
    holly hunter
    lauren graham
    laura linney
    allison janney
    of course, kate winslet...
    old school favorites forever
    annette benning
    michelle pefieffer...

    pretty girls.

  2. How did I miss the hot people request for my own sister?!

    Here's the thing about equal opportunity hot; I'm about as straight as they come, and the following women make me seriously consider a trip to the other side of the street:

    Sara Ramirez
    Kate Walsh
    Halle Barry
    Jessica Alba
    Angie Harmon

    I'm SURE there are others, but it's late, and those are the only ones I can come up with just now...

  3. I haven't come up with any new suggestions, but I will say that I've been crazy about Sarah Shahi since she guest starred on Alias.

    Actually, speaking of Alias, Jennifer Garner and Melissa George could work...

  4. I'll vote for Kate Winslet, too. Also Laura Linney. Sandra Oh has been really beautiful lately, too.

    I've only seen half of season one of the L word, so I don't know enough to judge :-)

  5. Defintely Jennifer Garner, Lauren Graham, Alison Janney. Amber Tamblyn? The chick on Castle?