Tuesday, May 19, 2009

10. Not Desert

Seems like the only right way to end a day like this.
A happy ending, if you will.
Just in case today made you sick of me.
Nighty night.


  1. It would be impossible to become tired of you.

  2. I agree with Historiclemo; it'd take a lot more than ten posts a day for ME to tire of you.

    Mmmmmmm, eclairs!!!

    Oh, I finished Grey's last night (while matching socks, no less). I'll bring my computer to Mom's so I'll have IM; we'll chat...

  3. Looking forward to it. I have opinions, many strong opinions. :)

  4. Oh.....marvelous!! Your photos are so good they're almost better than the real thing.

  5. In the interest of honesty I should mention that I forgot to credit these photos. I got them from google images and didn't take any of them myself.