Monday, May 11, 2009

11 Seconds Someplace Else

After thinking and pondering and rewinding and transcribing and composing I finally typed up some thoughts over at Please Pass the Popcorn. They contain spoilers, including quotes, from Rescue Me Season 5 through episode 5, Sheila. Please, I beg you, tailor your reading accordingly.

If you're OK being spoiled or are already caught up, though, please go read and give Callie Thorne (pictured) some love.



  1. I'm not caught up yet, so I'm not going to read. I'll catch up and we'll talk.

    On another note, though, how much to I LOVE that Christina was taking a hammer to her ceiling fan!

  2. You could not possibly have loved it more than I did. I was not alone in my living room and I still exclaimed aloud over it. Fucking ceiling fan.