Tuesday, May 19, 2009

3. Slobberfest

Emily got a major smackdown this weekend. It was, as the saying goes, a totally righteous bust and yet she failed to be surprised.

There's a very long story about how nervous she was when she arrived and how the other dog in the house taught her how to play and how sweet that was. It was sweet and yet, the result is that the only way she knows how to play is to poke another dog in the neck until he runs so she can chase him. Some dogs (Bobby, Ben, even Teddy) are fine with that and others (pretty much any adult female dog every born) think that's a good way to start a bar brawl and yet others fall in the middle.

This weekend we were invited to Kath & Alex's for a pleasant dinner among adults with dogs. It was all going very well (mmm, fresh fruit margaritas) until Emily began to poke a poor, sweet one year old pup and he didn't understand the game. I was thinking about calling Em over to give him a break but his people seemed to think it was OK for him to tough it out and yet I wasn't so sure it was fair and in the blink of an eye he stood up for himself!

I, for one, was kind of proud of him. It was clear that we humans needed to intervene but it was equally clear that no one was serious about inflicting harm. He essentially leapt on Emily, pinning her flat to the ground and yelled in her ear. While trying to save our heirloom drinks glasses from the melee we reached in and extracted our dogs, giving them each a stern talking to. I looked the girl over on general principles but, as expected, found no damage. She was, however, covered in dog spit from the tips of her ears to her barrelly chest and, as is typical of her, had no idea what had just happened or why.

So, what did I do this weekend? I went out winning friends and influencing people all the live long day. My dog helped.

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