Tuesday, May 19, 2009

4. Freon Won't LIft It's Shirt for Beads

This morning as I was assembling my lunch in the kitchen there was a crunchy sort of bang followed by a low, steady hiss. I'm right near the street and the exact point in the street where our garbage is picked up and there's been a lot of road work lately so I wasn't immediately excited. The cats were unamused, also quite fluffy with fear. It was the hissing that made me investigate. Someone untidily drops a dumpster out on the street and it doesn't leave behind the hissing noise of a mishandled balloon. Nothing out the kitchen window, ditto the living room one. Nothing in the courtyard or by the gate that I could see from my angle. By chance I checked the other bedroom window on my way by, the one that looks out on the roof of the ground floor, right above the drain.

Someone's air conditioner had fallen from the floors above and landed directly on the drain cover, smashing it to pieces. Unsurprisingly the drain seems to be working better now. So the good thing to come out of this is less standing water and therefore less chance of West Nile. The AC unit was leaking gas, freon I assume. Other than that the damage to it seemed negligible, though I wasn't about to go out there and check.

I called security, asking them to tell maintenance but I don't anticipate much from that route. I got to work and, after settling in, called the manager's office. Of course no manager was in yet and when I called back he'd gone to a meeting. I left a detailed message but again, I'm not going to hold anyone's breath while I wait for the elusive call back. I also wrote an e-mail to the blog for my apartment complex. It wasn't a complaint, more a plea to get the word out that people need to be careful putting their units in and taking them out (dirty!). I had mine semi-professionally installed last year (to the tune of $100 each, so they've remained right where they are and will do so for the forseeable future) because I didn't want to be responsible for a malfunction that could cause anyone injury. One of my AC units can only fall 1 foot harmlessly to the aforementioned roof but the other one is directly over the front door of the building. Nobody likes the lady who smooshes a kid with her modern convenience, you know?

I called ChemE before I left home to see if she could think of any freon-related reason that I should be more forceful about getting someone to clean that shit up before I abandoned my animals at mini ground zero. She had me google the safety standards and we went over them together.

Me: It has no flash point, that's got to be good, right?
Her: (giggling) Yes. That's good.


  1. How do you have something done "semi-professionally"? Is that like buying someone dinner so s/he'll sleep with you, as opposed to paying outright?

  2. In this case it's an insurance thing, nothing as fun as sex. The maintenance department used to do installations and you paid the management company but the management company didn't want to be liable or buy more insurance or something. So now the company will "recommend" someone to install them for you. The people they recommend are maintenance guys doing installations on their days off.

    You probably didn't want a serious answer but, well, there you go. :)