Tuesday, May 19, 2009

7. Behold The Fivehead

It's been dreary here weather-wise. I hear it's been dreary most places, except the places with earthquakes. Today I had to run a work errand and when I got out there, cautiously bundled against unforgiving wind, it was actually really nice. After I finished my errands I walked around and eventually came to a public plaza where I could sit and read my book for a few minutes before returning to the desk.

Not long after I sat down I realized that my scalp was hot. Kind of really hot for a plain old warm day. I think my scalp is just out of the habit of being touched by Apollo's golden rays. (Not that Apollo.) The one year mark of babying my carved face came just as winter was beginning. I've pretty much been wearing a hat constantly since November of 2007. Lately, though, I've been lax. I even think my divot it becoming thinner (see photo), which I take as a sign of true healing.

May is National Skin Cancer Awareness month, you guys. (Friday is even "Don't Fry Day." Seriously.) It's a good reminder for me that to be lax is no longer an option. I need to find out where I put the SPF lotion for my face and see how the new hair cut holds up to my lovely hats.

Don't you be lax, either. If Grey's Anatomy has taught us nothing else this season it's taught us that melanoma can fuck a girl up, for real.


  1. For real. Thanks for the reminder. You look fantastic, for what it's worth....

  2. I have the forehead that ate Tokyo, especially in that picture, but it's nice that you like it. :)

  3. I ran out of my moisturizer the other day, so I went and bought a new bottle. I made sure it has SPF.