Sunday, May 17, 2009

Crapping Up Your Weekend

Or uncrapping it, actually.

Yesterday I was one of the volunteers for the PUPS Poop Pick Up Contest. It took a remarkably short time and we didn't have as spirited a sense of competition as the last time we held a contest but a lot of cleaning up happened and a lot of fun was had nonetheless. The rules were that poop and trash were allowed but dirt, sticks and stones were not. The winner retrieved 2.5 lbs of poop and 8 lbs of trash, single handedly cleaning up one of the park's playgrounds, but he would have won on the weight of the crap alone. It was a good way to kick off It's My Park Day and I really hope that the folks who were complaining about "all" the dog owners both notice and appreciate it.

This is my first crack at using Pictobrowser. How do you like it?


  1. THAT is EXCEEDINGLY cool. I especially like "old blue eyes"

  2. I'm so frustrated that I did not see you. We were there!
    We met Morty and Nigel and their parents were carrying around many sacks of poo.
    I thought they were just being nice...didn't realize it was organized and you were there!!!
    You could have met my boys.

  3. I was totally there. I didn't get over to the back hill where Morty & Nigel usually do their thing but I was there. Are you guys signed up for the PUPS e-mail list? I need to get you signed up for that, then we won't miss each other. I could have had a picture of your doggie for the slideshow!

    P.S. Have good tech this week!

  4. Thanks again for all your help Kizz. These pix are just GREAT, and I love Pictobrowser. You'll have to show me how to install it on the blog! Thanks again, you are awesome!