Saturday, May 02, 2009

A Few To Grow On

The birthday girl would like the internet to know that she's been reading and e-mailing me and loving the hot people and the comments but she's curled up all schmoopy with her girl and she can't comment from that computer yet. She's not being rude, she'll catch us all when she gets to her own machine.
Just a few more before jammies and bed.
Pleasant dreams.
Have a beautiful year. I love you.


  1. 1. Kelly McGillis who you might know from Top Gun or you might know because she recently came out publicly. Or you might know her from the thousands of other things she's done in between.

    2. Honestly I'm not sure why you might know Zooey Deschanel, I just know she's fascinating. Let me go lok her up. Weeds, Tin Man, Bridge to Terabithia, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. She chooses a wide variety of stuff and I haven't been bored with her in any of it.

    3. Monsieur Wakefield who I hear is pulling his weight tonight.

    4. Toni Collete, you've seen Sixth Sense, right? She's Muriel in Muriel's Wedding and she's awesome. Her new series, The United States of Tara is on HBO so I haven't seen it yet but I'll be first in line when it comes out on DVD. She's chameleon-like, in a good way.

  2. IN these couple of posts, I didn't even know who the baseball players were, but they definitely do it for me. Must be men in uniforms...

  3. My favorite from Zooey is Almost Famous.

    Would it be biased to say it's because they are Red Sox men?

  4. you, my dear, do the BEST birthdays ever in the history of EVER!!! We are all so so SOOOOO lucky to have you in our lives.

    and by the way...


  5. I had no idea that Kelly McGillis just came out! That's awesome. I loved her in Top Gun! It was one of my favorite movies way back when.
    Thanks for all the great posts!

    I love you too!