Tuesday, May 12, 2009


You know how I get fixated on things. Sometimes people. Lately it's this guy, Jon Favreau.

No, not the one from Wedding Crashers.

The one who's a 27-year-old phenom head speechwriter for Barack Obama. He's the guy who crafted the campaign slogan, "Yes We Can."

As I poke around I find that (as of the end of January) he has a girlfriend, a beautiful young lady; former campaign worker, current White House Aide who once posed scantily clad for Maxim. A lot of people are calling that a black mark against her but to me it sounds more like she's a well rounded, practical woman.

He's young enough to make pronouncements like this is the last political job he'll ever have. He's too young to really know if that's true.
He's old enough to be completely in sync with a President and able to craft that knowledge into words and sentences and paragraphs that speak to a nation. Obama has even told the press that Favreau can read his mind.

Well, if Favs, as his friends call him, wants to read my mind I guess there's only one thing to say...

Yes you can.


  1. I love his face in the first and last pictures. Very intriguing. It's enough to make me want to sit down and have a conversation with him...among other things.

  2. Yeah, a conversation would be fun, too. ;)

  3. This is a man I'd love for his mind. I've been in stunned awe at some of Obama's speeches, and it's been fun to see one of the people responsible for that. Thanks!

  4. Speeches? We don need no stinking speeches....


    nice humpday post sister!

  5. I've heard his name and have been meaning to do some research on him...thanks for taking care of that for me! Can you just imagine being 27 and being Obama's guy? And holy hell can he write!

  6. This is a man I would leave my husband for...sorry dear.