Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Here There And Everywhere

I have no focus or forward motion to give. I'm doing well if I just wander around in a random direction until I hit a wall and turn in the next one. So guess what you're going to get for this week's 10 Things? Go on, guess.

1. I broke up with my vet today. I did it by phone and then I wrote a letter explaining myself. I'm still really pissed but they don't seem to give a shit. I don't think they'll give a shit. That's frustrating but it also proves I'm making the right decision.

2. Ryan Reynolds is pretty funny. He had this to say about how hungry running the NYC Marathon made him, "I am literally at the end digesting my childhood memories."

3. Elvis, my cat, chews his own hair off. Mostly on the feet and lower belly. I was petting him last night and discovered a 2x2 inch patch of completely bare skin on his upper chest. I couldn't believe I had missed him working on a new piece of himself. That must have taken ages and I didn't even notice. I felt horrible! And then I realized that they'd shaved him there for his cardiac ultrasound on Saturday. No need to worry, nothing to see here.

4. Rather than writing heart wrenching break up missives to my vet I need to be writing to my elected officials to be sure that some outside party is checking on the MTA's books. There's something rotten in the state of Denmark as the saying goes.

5. The Tony Award nominations were announced today and I haven't even looked at them yet. I'd like to do that soon.

6. I started reading Mrs. G again. I missed her so much! I didn't mean to break up with her. It was her, not me, really. But she did the Women's Colony and you couldn't get one RSS Feed for the whole thing and I had a mental block against adding so many more feeds when I read too much of the internet anyway and then I had another mental block against adding just one or two of the arms of the Colony and then I really missed her but realized that I'd be way behind on my reading if I added the feeds now and....well, you know. Today I just went for broke and added them all. I'm caught up on all but 2 of the rooms of the Colony and I feel even, weirdly, a sense of relief in having Mrs. G's voice back in my "ears" again.

7. I figured out that I don't really like Martin Scorsese movies. I did it by watching Mean Streets. DeNiro is fabulous in it, Keitel is pretty cool, too, but they movie just lost me. I realized that most of his movies do that to me. It's never one discernible storyline that carries you along, it's like 17 snippets of stories per movie and then gouts of blood and fireworks followed by credits.

8. If you friend someone on Facebook should you come clean to them that you accidentally found their blog months ago but never commented on it?

9. My two recent favorite Dear Old Loves. (For that first one, instead of wine it was Pepsi, but yeah.)

10. Cinco de Mayo is not actually Mexican Independence Day. It's a day when the Mexican Army defeated Napolean's army. It was the first time the short dude's army had been beaten in 50 years. May 5, 1862.

Carry on!


  1. If you need vet recommendations, let me know.

  2. What does this mean "found their blog on Facebook?" Does it have links to Blogger that I am unaware of? OMG! I am in deep shit if so! And Mrs. G.... in deep love and I was fussy about adding all the new feeds to. I like the other women, I do. But she is the only woman I really want there daily. I don't mean that mean. I don't. I appreciate what she is trying to do. But she is the one I love!
    And I hope Elvis feels better soon. I remember your post about him trying to get out of his skin... good writing, however sad. Bless his heart.

  3. Dingo, thanks, I've got a place to try but if that doesn't work out I'll be coming back to this evil question.

    Gert, only put quotes around stuff if you're actually quoting me, sister. I found her recently on FB and friended her. A while ago IN A COMPLETELY OTHER PART OF THE INTERNET I found her blog. Now that I've found her on FB, do I need t come clean about the other part I wonder?

    There is, however, a way that your blog can be linked to your FB page, if you put the blog url on profile. Otherwise I don't see how it would be linked.

  4. Did I miss something? What went wrong with the vet?

    Anyway, I'm sorry. I'd rather have a good vet than a good doctor.

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  6. Wow, that person before me really runs on and on (in Chinese).

    Ryan Reynolds held his own with Craig Ferguson. And he's about ten million times better looking. Scarlett J. is one lucky woman.

    You will have to tell me what the vet did to make you break up.

  7. 5. Not much to see. Our pal Raul got another nomination. Maybe he'll even win this time.

    7. Scorsese's early films are largely character studies. Stylish and gritty, but character studies. Plot, such as it is, is hardly the main point. Maybe that's not your thing, and that's cool. But the man is an unqualified master and a huge huge influence on an entire generation of other filmmakers you probably don't like, like Quentin Tarantino and Spike Lee.

    8. No.

    10. How are people supposed to sell beer with you posting stuff like this?

  8. Oh, yes! I really do see the similarities between Spike and Scorsese. I like some of Spike's films and not others. QT gives you a wide variety of characters so I can usually find someone to glom onto at least. Of course, it's generally someone with almost no screen time (see: Tim Roth & Amanda Plummer being the only part I really liked about Pulp Fiction).

    Yes, throw history at people and they will absolutely quit the beer drinking. It's a wonder Bill W. didn't think of that sooner.