Friday, May 01, 2009

Just Like Clemo's Favorite Author

(All morning)What will I write about today? I should write about something. Not sure what. What am I thinking about? Swine flu. Panic. Not panicking. Why I'm not panicking? Why am I not panicking? It's a nice day out. Not nice enough to go without a jacket but uncomfortable in the jacket, oh well.

(At the hairdresser) I should take pictures of my new haircut. I'll blog that. I like it but I'm not 100% sure of it. I need opinions. The internet has opinions, yes, that's what I'll do.

(Walking home, reading my book, being approached by a bored construction worker) Oh now this is a nice anecdote. Look at how smiley it made me! I should blog this instead. People will get a kick out of it and it's light and pleasant for a Friday afternoon. People don't need to hear any more about the H1N1 - or whatever we're calling it now - virus anymore. Hmmm, how will I describe that young man? Will people understand how I read and walk at the same time? Does that matter?

(At home after opening the mail). Well. Fuck. I'm not telling anyone. Screw that I'm telling fucking everyone. Right after I coat myself in molten chocolate and lick it all off while rocking back and forth and crying. Or, you know, something less drastic.

So, I got the letter from FringeNYC today. I've heard that you can't tell the contents of your college acceptance letter by its size anymore. You can still tell with your FringeNYC response! Thin envelope = rejection. I didn't read it carefully or anything but it's pretty much the exact same wording as the one from 5 years ago. In the grand scheme of the world this is not a big deal. In the grand scheme of my life, even, it's not the biggest deal. In the grand scheme of today, though? I'm declaring it a huge honking deal and I'm not going to fight that prickly teary feeling behind my eyes and I'm going to be kind of angry about it and there might be some stomping around and huffing.

I'll get my step ladder and get over it tomorrow.


  1. I just typed about four different curse words. None of them were right for this situation.

    I don't like the fringe anyway.

  2. There's some guy in the Boston area that does webcasts about the Pats and other Boston sports. When the Pats lost in the playoffs, he had to take put us "on hold" in midwebcast so he could compose himself. In order to mimic this effect by creating the impression of on hold music, he started to hum The Girl From Ipanema with "Fuckin' Na Na Na Na..." I'm not doing it justice but we tend to hum that around here when we get intensely disappointed by something and when I read Chrome's comment I felt challenged to make a curse word fit the situation and that immediately came to mind. What I am trying to say is -- I am intensely disappointed for you. "Fuckin' Na Na Na Na Na..."

  3. Bastids.

    I'm sorry, Honey.

  4. Miflohny10:48 PM

    Go ahead and stomp!

  5. ohhhh. i commented on fb but was going to come here this morning and say something...then i got sidetracked by Auntie's post. then I read everyone's comments. I'm humming fucking na na na na as well. but hellsbells girl. I do love your friends!

  6. I'm sorry about the disappointment, but I must say, I like your tiered system of "grand schemes." Especially, the grand scheme of today.