Sunday, May 24, 2009

Miss Me?

Since Wednesday I've been flat out social and cultural and stuffing my maw with food. No limes (at left) but pretty much everything else in the known universe. I had garlic, basil & sun dried tomato pasta for breakfast. And not a little of it, either.

I missed you guys! I've been putting some pictures up on Flickr (if you don't click through you won't see an absolutely unique photo of the Happiest Kid On Earth aka: Little Seal so, you know, fail to click at your peril) and doing some writing and napping. A lot of napping today. Watch this space for reviews and links and pictures of crustaceans.

Does anyone want to come over and do my vacuuming for me? Pretty please?


  1. I clicked. I saw. I grinned.

    I'm seriously considering hiring Auntie to come and clean my house. I've been in it quite less frequently than usual lately, and it's starting to show signs of my neglect...

  2. I'll be there August 1. I hope your carpets can wait?

  3. Miflohny9:50 PM

    Thank you! I was hoping you took pictures that day. Great pics, as always!

  4. Hiring Auntie is a great idea.

    SDM, you're coming here in August! I can't wait!

    Miflohny, that's nice of you to say. Glad I finally got this out to the world.