Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Not Bo Derek

1. New ring. Number 5 of 6. I know I keep saying it but this one's my favorite so far. The others have been acrylic and plastic, this one is glass or something, its got good weight and cool colors. I like that it stands up to be counted, too.
2. As I told Zelda earlier (she needed a little amusement, I was happy to give myself up for the cause), I dreamt last night that I was visiting the man I had that long affair with. We were in his house and I was there solely to...borrow his printer. Not a euphemism. I'm beginning to think my subconscious hates me.

3. I can't freaking find my expired passport! If you've been in my house lately and you remember where it is please do tell.

4. Did you know that there's a "pay what you will" restaurant in Salt Lake City. Operating in the black no less. If you cannot pay you can work for food. One hour of work gets you one meal. Pretty sweet deal. It's called One World Everybody Eats. They produce less waste than other restaurants, too.

5. Kath turned me on to a calculator to figure out your pet's age. It's more complicated than that 7 years for each human year thing. Emily is 88 and I think the cats are about 48.

6. I'm feeling wardrobe challenged. I really dislike shopping and I've been spending money like I had it lately so I don't feel like I can revamp the closet or anything but I also can't keep wearing some of the crap I'm wearing right now. Things don't fit, they're stained or worn out or stretched out. Something's gotta give and I hope it's not the elastic on my drawers.

7. On a related note, my weight loss is not so much going. I'm having trouble sticking into the groove while still making it a lifestyle not a diet. Still wrapping my head around the whole thing. On the up side I've been spending a lot of time with people who are good at such things so I've had a ton of suggestion and support even when I haven't been making my own best decisions.

8. On Sunday as I sat with a 3-year-old and an almost 8-year-old giving and receiving ridiculous zzrrbts all around (thank you, Cowgirl, for giving us a private room) I thought for a moment, "Oh, being around kids of different ages, seeing them interact and learn from each other. I get it now, this is why people have kids, more than one even." Then I took a deep breath and realized that I was getting all that without the hospital bills and college tuition so I still don't get it.

9. Has anyone around here actually read the original epic poem about Beowulf?

10. First time wearing my spangly delightful scarf from the UAE. Feeling pretty swanky about it.


  1. It's a BEAUTIFUL scarf!

    I'm glad they've all been your favorites, and I LOVE that they're still coming!!

  2. Yes, I read it.
    Like your scarf.
    And your ring.
    And your dream...you are with a man!

  3. 3. Oh no! The cat went off to Lithuania. If he's 48 he can pass for 40, probably.

    8. Yeah, you get it. Being able to give them back is priceless. But so is knowing that you're responsible for the wonderfulness in some way.

    9. Yes.

  4. Pretty ring!

    And I can't believe that restaurant. So cool.