Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Other Thing

The other thing is that yesterday I got another in a long string of letters in the mail from a lawyer yesterday. As a "person of interest" so to speak in the last will and testament of Auntie Blanche I am privileged, nay obligated, to see, read and acknowledge each step in the process of dispersing her estate. Last night was a thing, the name of which I can't seem to be bothered to remember, which lays out the two ways of resolving the estate. If all we persons of interest utilize the enclosed SASEs and agree to the one way then that will make it easier for the Executor rather than the other way if someone disagrees (or perhaps fails to return their SASE in a timely manner). The loud, up front voice in me immediately said, "Make it easier on the Executor? I'm not especially interested in making life easy for the Executor and, frankly, why should I?" That voice was quickly topped by the representative for the majority of my brain and heart. She said, "Where do I sign? Can I get it in the mail before ice cream? I just want this part to be over because it matters so very little. I have everything of real value from her already. This is just money. Don't get me wrong money isn't bad. It is in fact good and very soon I may need it quite desperately but it's just fucking money and I cannot, at any level, be bothered to care about it because it's just one more Bleacher Creature sign that reads 'SHE'S GONE AND SHE AIN'T COMIN' BACK! SUCKER!' Or, you know, something less hyperbolic. Move over. I'm signing." Of course ice cream won out over finding a pen and the papers sit still on my inherited (from Robbie) dining room table but the sentiment still holds true and my actions will bear it out before the weekend passes.


  1. Do you dislike the executor?

  2. I was in a similar situation when my dad died. One set of solutions was far more difficult than another. I opted for the less difficult. Either way, my dad's estate wasn't worth much and no matter what I did, he was still gone. I have some things of his that were important to him, and so they are important to me.

    Best of luck for the whole situation.