Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Pizza And Beer

I had to break up with the vet again today. It was stupid. I'll explain it all later. The good news is I have an appointment with a new vet just around the corner from my house for Friday.

I also had lunch with the funniest, kindest, snarkiest, most beautiful women today. If you're having a tough week the Oz quotes help but my girl, the Nordic Chef is a surefire cure.

Also, yay for Maine! Double yay for Maine's governor who did the right thing rather than the thing he wanted to do. I believe that's how the founding father's envisioned the political process.

All in all not a remarkable day in any way but a pretty good one.

Oh, and there was ice cream, really good ice cream.

What did you do today?


  1. uneventful as well. got no-showed on a few hundred dollars worth of work. read some in my book. home early. pizza for dinner, veggie and yummy. almost stepped on a bird fetus.
    and it's George's birthday. so I've been slobbering online.
    a lot.

  2. Ice cream is always part of a good day!