Wednesday, May 13, 2009


And when I said Wedding Crashers yesterday
I really meant Swingers. Whoops. Common denominator, Vince Vaughn.
Sorry Jon and Vince, I promise it's not that I don't know the difference, it's just that my brain wires went all crossy.


  1. mmmmm swingers. slurp. you're so money...

  2. And you don't even know it.

  3. Wow! Your just seeing it! Didn't you love it? The phone call made me cry. Poor pathetic guy!

  4. I've seen Swingers once, back when I lived in MI, actually. I saw Wedding Crashers once a few years ago, when it first came out on video. Yesterday I referenced WC when I meant to reference Swingers, I have no idea why they got mixed up in my brain but they totally did. Perhaps I just blank out completely when I see Vince Vaughn, he is a little creepy after all.