Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Socially Butterflied

I am not the social girl but I have been and, apparently, will continue to be for a little while. What better topic, then, for today's 10 Things.

1. I saw Jessica Fletcher pound a couple of martinis (in character).

2. I fell in love with a couple of children while wishing that someone had designed and utilized a gem-encrusted harness for Elton John.

3. I had a solo dinner with somebody else's mentor and soaked up a full serving of information and advice and care. I am so lucky that those somebodies shared.

4. I laughed at the climactic action moments. I heartily apologize to the folks sitting in front of me who might have been quite serious about their Catholic church movies.

5. I spent two hours becoming wildly envious of everyone who has ever shared time, performance space or air with David Hyde Pierce.

6. Simultaneously I was wading through delightful Murphy Brown flashbacks.

7. I wandered around yet another part of Brooklyn I haven't spent much time in.

8. I ate a lunch of corn dogs, sweet potato fries and onion rings without irony. Or death.

9. I bought dinner to cook from these nutty folks.

10. I tried out a new joint in the 'hood on the spur of the moment. I don't recommend the prosecco but the service and the food were both lovely.

Just wait until you hear what's on tap for this week.


  1. My, you do get around!

  2. Yet, tragically, I kept my pants on the whole time. Even when Chrome introduced me to the cute actor-boy.

  3. Busy lady!

    I saw DHP in Spamalot and he was utterly delightful.

    I am glad you picked Seattle over Portland (also a cool city) and envy your visit to my old stomping grounds. I will get you a list of some of my favorites as well as others'...

  4. Oh you misunderstand, it's not an either/or proposition. I'll be on Mt. Hood for a wedding, in Portland for a day or two then on up to Seattle for a day or two then home to Brooklyn for, you know, ever.

  5. You had a good weekend! Have a wonderful trip, and a safe trip back home. Seattle's wonderful this time of year.

  6. Geez, did you get laid off or something?

  7. Nope. Haven't even taken a day off for all this. I'm exhausted! But you moved back to Brooklyn so all is right with the world.