Sunday, May 10, 2009

True Proof of Gentrification

You are no longer kept awake by young, baggy pantsed gentlemen drinking forties, smoking weed and arguing about the size of their weaponry in the courtyard directly underneath your window.

Now you are kept awake by young Banana Republic clad birthday revelers drinking merlot, smoking Dunhills and arguing about absent friends' "life philosophies" in the courtyard directly underneath your window.


  1. Did you think of joining either group? Since you were awake and all.

  2. It amounts to about the same thing, eh? Lack of sleep.

  3. And do we mean "weaponry" literally?

  4. Gert, it's like you don't even know me. :)

    Gypsy, I talk a big game but I actually fall asleep pretty quickly as long as it's just chatter and not actual fighting. For the short time I'm awake, though, I'm really pissed off!

    MAB, sometimes, yeah.