Sunday, May 03, 2009


I like to do the Hot People posts. I have fun finding good pictures even of people I don't find attractive myself. I know that a lot of people think they're frivolous, stupid or shallow. And, as much as I like to think I'm a grown up, knowing that makes me feel a little bad about myself. Fortunately that doesn't stop me from doing more of them. I'm not under any illusions about meeting a celebrity and living happily ever after, I don't think that a few print interviews, some internet photos and a chat with Craig Ferguson give me an accurate interpretation of a star's personality, our compatibility or their relative worth to society. I do like to look at them, though.

A friend gave me the gift of a ticket to a local fancy house showing. I've never been to this biannual event but have always wanted to go. I love to look at other people's homes and see how they do things. It's like looking at artists' work when you're barely a passable finger painter. I was excited about the prospect, to say the least, so I shared my excitement with almost anyone who would listen. Two friends said that, though it sounded like a nice thing to do, they would never go because they would be too jealous. Going to see all the pretty places would make going home to their, supposedly inferior, homes a nearly unbearable come down.

It's like the Hot People posts, in my view. I'm looking at something I could never achieve on my own. I wouldn't necessarily even want to. It's all so much cotton candy for my brain instead of my tummy (or my libido, in the case of the Hot People posts). We saw some places that are for sale, some for rent, some still under construction and one notable one that has been lived in by one family for over 40 years. From Balinese decor to claw footed bathtubs out in the open to gardens and work rooms and wallpaper replacement stencils spanning years of work, it was a wander though a neighborhood-sized museum. I found bits and pieces of my dream home strewn all through the familiar streets.

On the other hand I'm just as glad to be safe, dry and warm inside my own little apartment. It's not perfect but I'm used to it and I can afford it and it's comfortable and I'm happy here. In 2011, I'm totally going on the house tour again, though.


  1. Miflohny9:57 PM

    I went on a house tour of Prospect Heights once - some stuff I really liked, and others I didn't - I don't think any of it was for sale. It was all above my price range, but still fun to look. My parents went with me and said that they had gone to a similar house tour in Atlanta and it was much different - a lot less upscale and a lot more focus on cool things that people were able to do with their spaces that didn't cost much. Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. I like the hot people posts. Of course, you already knew that.

    I DO have to admit to a bit of house envy, though. For all that I adore my home (and it IS a home), I sometimes wish that it were, I don't know, better, maybe. Then I remember that Martha Stewart is an illusion and I live with three other people and the love I put into the house is worth far more than the things that go into it.

    Still, I'd really love it if I had a master bathroom...

  3. Your husband doesn't read blogs, hinting here will do you no good. :)

  4. I love touring homes. It was stressful to me when I was actually looking at houses to buy, but I love love love touring. I'm glad you went!

    I am having the hardest time with missing you and chrome and NYC right now. GAK! I need another trip...

  5. I love doing those types of tours. I just like to look. And imagine.