Sunday, May 31, 2009


I have just taken the call telling me that we're doing the Mermaid Parade again this year! Our theme is floral, roses specifically. I've got three weeks to perfect my costume (including a theme-appropriate way to carry our extras and the birthday cake). I need temporary tattos, stat!

Anyone want to join us? We've got room in our posse as long as you bring your own glitter.

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  1. Miflohny9:11 PM

    I think Media Guy, Little Seal & I will try to come this year - to watch, not to march. There's a new route this year apparently. It's shameful that I've been in NY all these years and have never been. Any recommendations - where's the best place to cheer you on? Do we need to get there really early? Shall we meet up afterwards? Shall we meet up before?

    I still need to figure out how I'm celebrating my big b-day....