Thursday, May 28, 2009

You Mean I WHAT?

I've had a spendy week. Time and money. Could have been worse, though.

I live chatted with the cable folks to see if there was any way I could reduce my monthly bill. Turns out I can't. However, I was informed that I've had HBO for months and didn't know it. I'm watching my first episode of True Blood now! I could certainly reduce my bill, I could quit having cable. It's far from necessity. I talked it over with Pony Express, though, and she said that even though she doesn't have TV she likes knowing she can come over here and watch. If I get stuck she might pay into the fund. I'm by no means stuck yet, just exploring my options, as they say, so I'll keep it. For her, of course, all for her. What are friends for after all?

Then I got one of those offers in the e-mail from Aerosoles and I just idly browsed and found out that they had my 9/11 shoes* on sale. Last I checked they weren't even making them anymore. $29.99 and comes in 3 colors. I went to the store on my lunch hour because I had to try them on and found the right size. In the store? $69.99. Seriously! I went back and bought them online in all 3 colors.

Then I met an old high school friend for dinner and had a delicious and not expensive sushi dinner with good saki. I haven't had saki in a while and it's a very good idea, in case you're in the market for a good idea.

I also bought my plane ticket to OR. Really glad to have that piece of the puzzle in place.

What are you spending your money on this week?

*The incredibly comfortable shoes that I walked home in on 9/11. I almost couldn't throw them away when the sole cracked straight through. They're light and easy and go with a ton of things. They make my feet happy, even when the world is crumbling around them.


  1. Summer fun... A long weekend getaway. (Although I think the dogs' "getaway" for that weekend is more expensive than ours.) Minor league baseball tix (3 games, 2 teams). Preschool swimming & tumbling classes.

    I am excited about your shoes for you.

  2. I should probably downgrade my cable, but I just can't bring myself to do it.

    Score on the shoes!