Monday, June 22, 2009

Ashes, Ashes We All Fall Down

So, this happened a couple of blocks from my house yesterday. Buildings fall down in the city relatively frequently. Sometimes the results are tragic and other times, like this one, people make the right call at the right time and everyone gets out OK. Two buildings worth of families have been made homeless, though, as the building next door has been damaged enough by the fall that it will also have to be razed.

In an instance of serendipity Mighty Girl linked to 100 Abandoned Houses today. Those houses are all in Detroit and its environs. The Sweet Juniper crowd has held my interest in Detroit, feeding off the short time I spent there when I worked in MI, for a long while now. I've said over and over how I watch Detroit as a trailer of what's to come in my city. I know, though, that it's not just Detroit. Buffalo, for instance, has similar photo sets dedicated to it. I pore over the captures and let my mixed feelings bubble around. On the one hand it's petrifying because these houses are proof that once there was prosperity and community and abundance and now Ridley Scott could film a feature there. On the other hand I see the potential in each structure. The middle of the road houses don't interest me as much. I like the tall, brick, arched ones and the cozy clapboard ones and wish for floor plans so I could plot where my studio would be and if I need a fence for the dog to roam. I am a sucker for potential, especially in real estate, it's probably my upbringing.

Go on an click that link, blur your eyes a bit, look into the past and see if you can see a future.


  1. I got seriously sucked into Sweet Juniper. Thanks for pointing me that way!

  2. Interesting guy, interesting family, huh? Glad you liked the link!