Thursday, June 04, 2009


Ladies & Germs, I am excited and exhausted. Fortunately the excited is winning but I think I'm going to tumble into bed rather than write something of substance here. Tomorrow I'm headed to my class as usual but then I'll get to go play with a real, live New York City gang! Gang of pre-schoolers but a gang, nonetheless, and I hear they're dangerous. Then I've got to do some laundry (dear lord, you should have seen what I wore to work today, disgraceful) because I haven't done that in a month but I can't dilly dally. I have to pack my bag and study my materials and rest up and get ready to go to my very first photography class. Like, ever. I'm afraid it'll be too hard. I'm afraid it'll be too easy. I so want it to solve all my problems. Oo, I have to remember to charge my camera battery! Then I rush home and walk the dog and rush back to Manhattan for a dinner I cruise directed for a visiting friend. I may sleep all day Sunday. Oh crap, except that I have to work on my costume!

Hope you've got some good stuff planned for the next couple of days. If my head doesn't fly off from all the adrenaline I'll come back and tell you all about my weekend.

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  1. GOODNESS! DO come back and tell us all about it (I, for one, am excited to hear about your experience with the gang!).