Monday, June 08, 2009

I Was A Turtle

My friend, H, teaches pre-school adn she is so good at it that sometimes it hurts to look at her. She used to be a classroom teacher then she was an administrator and now she teaches drama and movement. I went to play in one of her movement classes on Friday.

First I got a tour of this fabulous school. They've just put together a library about which I could go on for pages and pages. They have an art room, a drama room, a gym and, of course, the movement/music room. They have a couple of overhead projectors and one of them is in the drama room. H has been using them to tell stories and have the kids make and interact with images. That project alone made me never want to leave the building.

The class itself was about 45 minutes of pure colored energy. 11 kids made entirely of light, motion and ideas swarmed in and all but took over (in a good way). We sat on our spots, we warmed up, we talked a little (well, we talked in a group purpose a little) then we got up and we moved. We were animals and insects and birds, there were ribbon sticks and lots of music and, dude, it was awesome. I was a turtle, and a bird (unspecified) and a slightly scary stranger. I didn't mean to be that last one but it just sort of happens when you drop in on a pre-school class. Sometimes it works for you and sometimes against. I helped get one girl to put on her own shoes with the "You can do that? Wow, I'd like to see" gambit. I got a couple of spirited boys to lower their volume and keep moving. I also dissolved into giggles because one boy had that infectious sort of laugh, even though he was using his power for evil.

When it was all over I basically wanted to say, "Sign me up!" Yeah, they were wackier and louder and a little more intractable than I remembered but they were also that enormous kind of beautiful. The ages of 2-6 are pretty much my favorites. I like things about all the other ages but 2-6, even at their worst, encompass all the things I love from the alpha to the omega about kids. I had fun. A lot of fun.

And I got to play with an overhead projector. Nobody ever let me do that before.


  1. Miflohny10:28 PM

    Sounds wonderful! I wish I had money to spare right now just so I could give Little Seal experiences like that ...

  2. Very cool!

    I gotta say that I am enjoying 3 immensely, but 14 & 15 are still my forte.

    Want to hear more about the overhead projector.

  3. I really admire people who can work with the little ones day after day. I'm with JRH; my set is slightly older (though, strangely (or, perhaps not so strangely), I'm having a lot of trouble with my own kid...).

    Thinking about a change in career?

  4. Perfectly wonderful piece of writing you turned out today Kizz.
    Me likey, much!

  5. Those ribbon sticks are awesome. I'd like to carry one every day.

  6. Miflohny, I fear that even if we had money to spare we are not the type of people who would ever have that much money to spare. It's pretty crazy.

    Chili, not so much a change as a return. I used to spend a lot of time, 6 days a week, teaching kids. I need to start looking at part time opportunities for income and I've been missing doing this sort of thing so...

    Gypsy, it's entirely possible that if we all had ribbon sticks every day the world would be a much more peaceful place. Definitely more colorful.