Sunday, June 07, 2009

In Briefs (No That's Not It!)

Being the only student in a class, even a class where you lie on the floor, is hard work.

I had fun with the kids.

I learned so much that my brain is entirely full and I haven't been able to pick up my camera since.

I only managed half the evening with friends.

I have clean underwear!

I am sick. (Not deathly ill, though it felt like that for a while, but a crazy quick onset cold with sore throat and a bunch of really gross bodily fluids. As a result I completely checked out of my life last night around 10pm and am just re-entering now. If I owe you anything [e-mail, monologue, answer, phone call, $10] I'll catch up on it tomorrow, I just really needed to feel better first.)

Hats off to the inventor of the DVR! I need to go to sleep but I don't want to miss a moment of the Tonys. (Yay NPH!)


  1. Feel better sweetie. Glad you had a fun weekend. Hope you can make it tomorrow night.

  2. Re the quick onset cold - EVERYONE has it, and I mean EVERYONE. It's been a bitch of a spring for it. Feel better.