Saturday, June 20, 2009

Islands In My Stream

Could sleep a few more minutes but what about the schedule do I have time oh no must get up walk dog get backapack back home bake cakes clean kitchen bake more sew sew sew shower hair out shop for present movie John Travolta's cool mustache funny exciting friends buy present long line walk walk walk home on subway weird guy "All women are government agents. When you give any woman information make sure that it is false." home sew sew walk dog sew sew sew eat costume stand turn turn turn spray SPRAY?!?! IN THE HOUSE?!?!! turn flower pull hook caught I'M CAUGHT! hook fix turn spray sew lights it lights up can you reach the battery pack no there up there no there ok cool heh heh ice cream break ooo and cake more flowers MORE FLOWERS's a cat out here on the roof....your cat! here kitty come here oh crap I can't go out there my costume won't fit find the food ok ok here he is where's she ok got it can see both of them close the window please more flowers walk dog sleep could sleep a few more minutes no get up get up must hurry shower eat blog gah!!!!!!

So, I'm off to the Mermaid Parade today, y'all. It's gonna be a circus, especially if the thunderstorms start before we're done. Cross your fingers for me, please. And have a great day!


  1. Photographs. Lots of photographs.

  2. followed every single word of that. our brains.....gah! and yes with the photos!!!