Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Of Rings And Things

1. New ring. Last ring. Love ring.

2. My photography class was so good and yet so scary that I had to force myself to pick up the camera again and just try.

3. I am in the itchy throat stage of healing. So glad to be almost healed.

4. He's back!

5. Headed to NH this weekend. Crustaceans beware!

6. Dr. Tiller's clinic is permanently closed and none of his family members will continue to work in the field. So I guess that's way more than one win for the anti-choicers.

7. The New York State legislature is getting downright Shakespearean! GovPat says, "I would not plan on the leaving the state right now. Right now, if there's any type of misunderstanding or who is next in charge, I would think the best thing for me to do is to stay here." Seriously, dude? I fear the reins have been ripped from your hands and the horses are hurtling toward the cliff.

8. Speaking of notable quotables, here's what Bret Michaels (yes, of Poison) had to say after taking a piece of scenery to the face at the Tonys on Sunday, "All I remember is Shrek and the donkey helping me up, and Liza [Minnelli] giving me a towel."

9. I read such praise on Facebook this morning for the thrilling thunderstorms we had in the 5 boroughs last night. Perhaps if thunder and lightning didn't signal imminent death to my dog I would feel the same. Instead I just feel tired. Very tired.

10. There's this wonderful photo in the White House photo stream (though I'm linking to its use on Feministing) of people watching President Obama speak in Cairo last week. It's simple, nothing especially compelling, unless you take a little time with it. I want to talk about it, ramble on about my impressions and tell you how to see it. On the other hand I think that's a bad idea. Go take a look and see how it makes you feel. Then look again and consider how different a photo it might have been if the young man to the right had been the focus instead.


  1. Miflohny11:22 PM

    Please say hi to Gar for me!!! I was just thinking how nice it was to see him last year this time and how I probably seemed so scattered to him that day, and not very surprised or appreciative to see him - Media Guy thinks I hate all surprises and told me he was coming! But I loved seeing him!

  2. I got your message about your visit - let's talk.

    I'm totally bummed about Dr. Tiller's clinic closing. I wish, wish, wish that someone would just pick up where he left off. You're right, this is way more than a win for the anti-choicers!

    I love that you love the ring.