Monday, June 15, 2009

The Return

So, I'm back. Took me about an hour just to get through my Facebook updates. I mean, really, you know you're in trouble when you log in to your Google Reader and it says you have 318 things to read. Woof.

I did a lot of things this weekend. Lest you think I was holding out on you, none of those things was attending a wedding. On the way to the lobsterbake we drive past a very popular place to have one's wedding photos taken. This young lady and her new husband were being ferried there by a chauffeured antique car and all traffic was forced to stop as they disembarked and tipped him. Queen Bee pulled up close while we waited so I could snap a couple of shots. She looks quite happy and delightful, does she not? In person she looked a good deal more wary and disturbed. I wish them both well.

But what did you do, Kizz? you may be asking. I bought clothes, I was handed down clothes, I made cookies, I had breakfast with Chili, I went to two graduation parties for people I didn't know at all, I went to a lobsterbake and talked to a bunch of people, I took photos, I hung out with Aunt Rena and mom, I helped mom learn how to get the photos off her camera, I bought a new SD card for my camera, I painted my nails, I had a breakfast with The Athlete which may go down in my own personal Best Of archives. In short, it was a very good weekend.

The being offline things was interesting. I didn't mind it at all, really. The hardest part was not going to the internet for all the answers. Turns out there wasn't anything I needed to know that couldn't wait a bit. I bet you knew that already, though, didn't you?


  1. This sloth of yours is getting very unattractive.

    Slooooow down!

  2. I know you know what I'm talking about but I feel the need to clarify anyway. I'm doing a lot, a TON, but nothing "good enough" is getting accomplished. The forward motion isn't in the right direction...or something. Love my new dresses, though.

  3. Yeah to new dresses! Glad you had some good down time.

  4. Also, I don't think you're giving enough credit to painting your nails. That is an accomplishment!
    I'm walking around like a two-dollar whore right now, because I can't find the gumption to paint my nails.

  5. May I suggest the nail polish pens. I bought two while I was away and wish I had more.

  6. Who is the Athlete?

    Also, lobster: mmmmm.

  7. He's my pseudo-nephew, in his last year of being a teen. I've known him since he was 6 and we've always had a connection. He's been away for a while and I've missed him so it was nice to get to sit across the table from him and talk about anything.