Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ten of One One Tenth of The Other


2. That pic was taken by the lovely Michelle as Teddy's Girl & I waited for a bus that never came. Even if it had I probably wouldn't have fit on. Michelle's dog, Ben, did not attend the parade with us. He had some important napping to do.

3. By virtue of the alphabet (oh ye virtuous alphabet) Alex is the first person on my phone's contact list. When I opened my contacts to call someone today his name was highlighted in red. I wondered what it meant. Was it some super secret thing from Verizon? Is he even a Verizon customer? Did his number change? Is Big Brother watching me? Then I remembered that a certain 18-month-old friend spent a long time with my phone last night. I asked him to figure out how to make it vibe then ring but apparently he had other plans. I have no idea how to change it back. Even when Alex is miles away kids still gravitate toward him.

4. On an errand to a steak house (mark the date, I suspect you'll never hear those words from me again) I, for the first time, wandered through the block of Times Square that has been taken over by pedestrians. Mayor Mike bought some lawn chairs (incidentally totally different chairs than the ones in the NYT link photo) and blocked off the street. Only half the area has lawn chairs and for some reason the powers that be set them up in rows all facing into the bustle of the "square." Weirdly almost every person has plumped themselves down in one of these chairs exactly as it was set. They sit in orderly rows not looking at their companions as if they were attending Times Square: The Movie instead of experiencing the real thing. It's weird.

5. Today I bought a 1T external hard drive from Newegg. I hope it gets here soon. Many thanks to everyone who chimed in on the issue.

6. I'm making a bunch of desserts and having people over to eat them on Sat night. Want to join?

7. A request was made to use a scene from one of my plays in a scene night for an acting class up near my home town. How nice is that? They'll even be including my bio in the program. Yay for substantive scenes for two women!

8. My iPod has started doing this thing. I put it on Shuffle All. If I don't like what's playing I skip to the next song until I get to something I want to hear then I let it play through for a bit, sometimes getting some fun new-to-me music (I download a lot of music from friends sound unheard so there's a lot on there I don't know well). Often I skip through a lot of stuff before I land. Recently the almighty pod has started playing a whole bunch of selections by whatever artist I land on after a skipping stint. While I'm skipping it's usually a different artist every time I hit the button but after I stop it stays the course. It never used to do something that specific. Did it?

9. There was one part of this entry of Dooce's that made me jump up and down screaming YES YES YES! I'm probably kind of the only one.

10. Apparently there's been an HIV outbreak in the porn industry. Nice to know that even the porn powers that be are corrupt assholes here in the US. I've got nothing against porn, I actually like a lot of it, but fucking (literally) with people's health is bull. I hate that. (Yes, I know, health can be screwed up by a lot more than HIV when you're a sex worker. And yet some people manage to survive and thrive. With HIV, the survival rate drops significantly and companies are, essentially, labeling the humans that work for them expendable by running a system that eschews prevention.) I've almost always had my porn purchased for me, well, all the video has been certainly, so it's not like I can withold my vast cash expenditures from the industry. How about if I just suggest we all switch to Comstock's films instead? (Do I need to tell you that the last two links aren't safe for work? Well, there I did anyway. I hope you didn't need that, though.)


  1. I'ma gonna need to see some photos of your headdress. asap. thx.

  2. Holy fins and tails! I must steal that pic to post on my blog. AMAZING costumes! Yes, you are right, children, dogs, and old people all gravitate toward Alex.

  3. Chrome, it's hard to tell in the pics but that head dress lights up. I KNOW! External drive is listed as "out for delivery" by UPS so hopefully new shots will come soon.

    Kath, steal away! More to follow.

  4. Love your story about Alex. "kids gravitate to him." He must be a sweet guy.

  5. He's not perfect (thank goodness) but there's a lot to recommend him, as Kath will attest.

  6. As a porn consumer, I'm all for having condom-only films.

  7. This is what I'm saying, right? It's in our best interests not to have our favorite performers banned or, you know, DEAD!

  8. Great picture, and a Saturday dessert buffet sounds fantastic. Alas, I'll be at the ballfield. It's supposed to be 96 degrees so I am happy I won't be ON the ballfield.

  9. I'm all for having condom-only films..He must be a sweet guy.
    thanks alot