Thursday, June 25, 2009

Triumph! (Mostly)

Despite a truly horrific spate of technical difficulties as I tried to leave the office and some other bad mojo (so sorry, dog, I didn't realize I could tip you over) I did fire up the 1TB Delight last night. I was able to transfer all the photos to her but haven't been able to back up the entire computer, which I'd really like to do before I delete all the pics and add new. (Does anyone know where I can find the download link to the Mac backup program whose icon is a little orange umbrella? I can't find it anymore and I need it. Is this yet another reason to hate MobileMe?) So I'm going to work on that tonight...after I go out to dinner.

I did take the time to pull one photo out so I could share. This is a marker for a defunct institution in my home town that is close to my heart. I haven't noticed the marker for ages but while I was home I practically stumbled across it while walking from breakfast with Chili to lunch with my mom and Aunt Rena. Please note the non-centeredness of the subject, the intensity of color and the purposeful use of depth of field. I have my photography class to thank for that. And I still promise to write about the class, just haven't had brain space. It'll probably come out in drips and drabs as I post more photos. Whew! This technical stuff is whupping my behind. Thanks for all our encouragement and assistance.

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  1. Wow, I'm temporarily stupefied by all that non-centeredness and purposeful depth of field usage. Also, the color intensity!


    I must go lay down.

    P.S. (Lie down?)