Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Under Accomplished

On Sunday someone I hadn't seen in about three years asked me, "What are you up to?" I replied, "Nothing, absolutely nothing."

It was an inappropriate response. I still feel bad about it because I'm sure it came across as rude but it was all I had. I feel as though I am doing so much and accomplishing nothing. Partly this is because I'm not accomplishing as much as I'd like, partly it's because I've been met with some rejection of late and partly it's because I'm coming up on some social situations where I'm going to have to summarize my life a lot and I'm fucked if I know what I'm going to say about it that's not going to make me sound pathetic and/or ridiculous. Marketing oneself is a Herculean task and I'm always afraid the lion is going to win, so to speak. Oft time (see above re: inappropriate response) the lion eats my shorts. Sigh.

In lieu of a chair, a whip and a top hat I'll do 10 Things That I Have Accomplished (no time frame, not sure how far back I'm going to have to go to get 10).

1. I half-secured care for my dog. That sounds like a half accomplishment but it's a full one because it's care for the pooch for my lobsterbake trip (Thanks Kath!) and important knowledge about what I still need to do before my West Coast trip. Knowledge is power...or something.

2. I secured care for the dog for my West Coast trip. My dog will not only have excellent care she will be taken to the country for the weekend. She'll be happy to see me back, I'm sure, but I'm willing to bet she'll be disappointed in how I live my sorry one-neighborhood life.

3. I bought my airplane ticket to the West Coast. Non-stop. Good price. Not as early as I thought it'd be and yet still so early my heart hurts thinking about it.

4. I found all the old drafts of my Chekhov play so I can read through that and clean it up before I send it out.

5. I found some old drafts of the Speed Dating play so I can clean that up before I send that out.

6. I arranged to visit a class in a pre-school where I would like to sub and/or teach. That will happen on Friday. Must remember to confirm.

7. I had brunch with 2 women I haven't seen in far too long. One from here in NYC and one from the West Coast who I will see in July as well. As always, even when I was seeing them once a week, I learned a lot.

8. I learned on Sunday that we're headed to the Mermaid Parade again this year and we have a theme: Roses. I've bought some supplies, spread the word and even have people working on my costume (though one of those people doesn't know it yet). My earrings may even light up, that's all I'm willing to divulge.

9. Got my low water pressure problem in my kitchen fixed. This produced more problems and cost rather a lot of money but, like the dog care thing, a first step is an accomplishment. I guess. The whole thing is eating me up with rage but at least it's a new problem to tackle, right? Right? Fuck!

10. I've been writing on a newish project. No idea where it's going to go but it's the only thing I can seem to write these days so I'm really forcing myself to make time for it and that's...nice.

Wow, so you walk up to me at a party, don't know me too well, ask me about my life, how many of the things on this list wouldn't you be embarrassed to hear? I might need to make some shit up.

Or, you know, actually accomplish something.


  1. All I've done this week is finish the rough draft of my maid of honor speech for theis weekend (it's up on my page if you so desire.)

    I think the things you've accomplished are all REAL things, and real things matter.

    So what if your name's not on one of the marquees on Broadway today. Today's not over, so you just keep trying! :-)

  2. Thank you for coming up with what I think will be my new tag line, "Today's not over, so you just keep trying!"

    You can go put that on your list of things you've accomplished.

  3. Just looking at your list makes me tired. You've accomplished a lot!

  4. That seems a lot to me. Last night I cleaned dishes. Does that count?