Thursday, July 09, 2009


Tomorrow I'm off for the Pacific North West. I've never been West of Texas so this is an exciting probe into new territory for me. I worry that I won't fit in or have anything to do since I'm not big on hiking or camping and my level of greenness is good but really not great. However, I already seem to have plenty on my plate for the week so it looks like I've got nothing to worry about.

Friday (tomorrow) I'll get into Portland, OR early and meet my family. We'll trek out to Mount Hood, settle in and hang out. Saturday is my youngest cousin's wedding. I expect it to be quite the party. Sunday it's back to Portland until I head to Seattle on Monday afternoon (by train!). I have a friend to see, donuts to eat and a bookstore in which to happily drown. Monday through Thursday I'll be in Seattle dining with an internet superstar, seeing a friend or two, eating cupcakes, checking out the ocean and watching people toss fish around for sport.

I am petrified but that's basically just how I roll in the run up to a trip. Any trip. Even the short ones. I'm also super excited and perfectly accessorized and have over 12 hours to finish packing. You know what I won't be packing, though? I won't be packing my laptop. I don't have a smart phone. You know what that means, right? It means no internet for me for a week. I suppose I might get a quick dose here or there but basically I'm going to live life unplugged. There will be some pre-written posts coming at you while I'm away so maybe you won't even notice I'm gone. (Tell me you'll notice, please.)

I'll miss you but we could probably use some time apart, don't you think? Have fun! Don't do anything I wouldn't do!


  1. Bon voyage! I am excited for you. And proud of you.

  2. Sounds like a really good trip. Being disconnected from the internet is disconcerting at first, but you'll enjoy being unplugged!

  3. Have a fantastic trip. Let me know how the whole unplugged thing works out for you; I'm anticipating doing that after my whole situation resolves itself, and I'd like to know how you experience it before I do it.

  4. I'm not sure you should be proud of me until at least after I send my dog away tonight. See if I sob myself to sleep (it's really hitting me hard this time around).

    I think I will enjoy a lot of aspects of being unplugged. I'm more worried about the practical aspects of being alone in a new city without access to my regular information gathering avenues but I traveled a lot pre-internet, I'm sure I'll get by.

    Chili, I will admit to obsessively scheduling posts for every day I'm gone. Pre-unplugging panic set in and I wrote a whole bunch of stuff when perhaps I should have been vacuuming or brushing the dog or something but I'm still pretty well ahead of the game so it's OK. I'll let you know how it goes when I get back. xoxox

  5. It going to be great!
    Hug G for me! Tell her she is great!
    And you my dear are great too!
    You will be missed.

  6. Miflohny11:51 PM

    Have a wonderful time! I've flown to Portland twice, and I'm always amazed seeing the mountains out the window of the plane. Breathtaking!