Saturday, July 25, 2009

Elle Est Arrivee

Jane is home! She's even planning to stay for the foreseeable future. We had sushi lunch last week and, as always, it was like she never left. Thank goodness for that and for her.

Last night I had dinner with high school friends and their kids. Oh good heavens their kids are delightful. I hate it when I feel as though kids are hating hanging out with the adults and bored and we can't break through to them. That's never going to happen to these girls. They are charming and I could learn a thing or two from them about fearlessly leaping into conversations with strangers. Some kids give you one word answers to "So what have you done in New York?" Not these ladies, I heard new bits and pieces all day long and it was all fascinating. We walked a long, long time along the Hudson river too so it was just one of those brilliant NYC evenings.

Today I'm angling for a drink in the neighborhood. Feeling the need, I suppose, to be definitively home. First, though, I napped and had a dream where the dogs and the roommates and the washer/dryer combos multiplied with every passing second. Very odd.

I hope you're loving every second of your weekend thus far, too.

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