Monday, July 13, 2009

High & Dry

I got high marks the last time I got my hair done. You've seen me, you know that I am not a fashion plate and that my knowledge of all things beauty and grooming is limited. I do try and learn the basics, though, and especially when something doesn't look the way I want it to, I'm eager to be taught the trick of solving it. I'm never going to be the girl who pores over the beauty section of Marie Claire and sits at home trying out different eyeshadow techniques but I am thoroughly trainable.

Case in point; my last hair cut. Tonya and I always talk about my lifestyle, what's working for me with my hair, what isn't working, how I'm doing things and why. I get to tell her what I want out of my hair and she's thoroughly honest about whether that's realistic. I like that about her. So this time around I asked her why I couldn't get my hair to be as flat or as rounded in curl or as uniform as she always does. I wanted tips. She thought as she washed and conditioned me then warned me, "I'm going to cut your hair and then you're gonna dry it. I need to see what you're doing." Immediately I had performance anxiety.

I felt like a fool, standing in front of the mirror, awkwardly putting the dryer down on the chair behind me when I needed two hands to assemble some hair onto the brush. I had two brushes, too! Fortunately she was already impressed that I clipped up the top layer to dry the under layer first. She sat back on the couch, flipping through a magazine, and watched me out of the corner of her eye, occasionally calling out a tip but more often to ask a question. ("Are you done there yet?" "Why are you doing that?")

Guess what? I have fabulous technique! I have the best technique she's ever seen out of a client who wanted blow drying instruction (of which I'm sure there are millions....not). My technique is so good, in fact, that I have permission to dry my hair on high, though I might want to go with lesser heat. My pitfall, it seems, is not drying long enough. Apparently that's very common. Your hair is actually dry about 10 drying minutes after you think it's dry. And danged if she's not right! After I was done it looked almost exactly like it does when she dries it. As long as I'm patient and keep drying (will have killer forearms), take the dryer and the brush all the way to the ends of the hair and then I'm a little more patient I have great fricking hair!

I'm good at something beauty-related. Who knew?

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