Wednesday, July 15, 2009

No Really, For Real, Realistically

I believe I have made myself perfectly clear on the subject of reality television. It is, in fact, the devil's entertainment and if it were to be wiped from the planet I would not mourn for a moment. I refuse to watch it on principle. This summer, however, my principles have been tested. What does one do when one's basic principles go head to head? Who will arise victorious? It'd make a great reality show.

Many years ago Pony Express worked for a theatre that had an education arm. One of her first students was a brilliant, beautiful, bold and brave young lady. They bonded and eventually the girl graduated and went on to similar but utterly different things. They kept in touch and last fall Pony Express watched her get married to a wonderful man, truly the love of her life, who also happens to be her dance partner. They are Zoe Klein & David Paris, or Paradizo Dance, an aerial dance team that has toured the world. One of their most recent performances was at the auditions for America's Got Talent.

So do I watch that horrific show, symbol of all that is choking the life out of our country thereby supporting a woman whose career I have watched with awe from afar or do I stick by my principles and learn about it all second hand? You can probably guess.

I think you should watch them too! You can see their first appearance here (it's right before the last commercial break) and *SPOILER ALERT!* they made it to the Vegas round so they should be on again soon. I assume it's soon, I mean summer's like half over so there can't be that many episodes left, can there? Please say there can't be. This is killing me. Check the web site for local listings.


  1. I have known for a very long time that you don't like reality TV. I cannot continue to withhold the truth from you any longer.

    I kinda like it. The Deadliest Catch is one of my guilty pleasures.

    Will you continue to love me anyway?

  2. Reality shows come in many shapes and forms. Cooking shows are reality shows. Documentaries are reality shows. Most "reality shows" on today are not reality shows.
    If you change the language you can watch whatever you want.
    America's Got Talent is a talent show. Talent shows have been broadcast for years. This is nothing new. You may watch it.
    My guilty pleasure? Rock of Love. It's a dating game show. I've always watched The Dating Game and The Newlywed Game. So, I may watch Rock of Love. This is nothing new.
    The Deadliest Catch? Documentary about fishing boats.
    Talent shows, game shows, docs...nothing new here.

    Now having said all that....I think it is too much and several acting careers have certainly suffered by the lack of scripted programming. Don't think we don't notice.