Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Speaking of Hot

As I was writing things for my time away I realized we hadn't had one of these in a while. This seems as good a time as any, doesn't it?

Let's kick things off with perennial fave (well, mine anyway), Tom Cavanagh. Someone please write this man a show or movie that's engaging and worthwhile, will you? And someone else please agree to keep it on the screen or the air.
A few someones did just that for the lovely and talented Jada Pinkett Smith and we thank them for it.
Can you ever get enough of Robert Downey, Jr.? I was surprised that his recent movie, The Soloist, disappeared so quickly.
Steph and I have been talking pretty much nonstop about Rachel Griffiths lately. I'd rather shut my trap and just watch her work. (Dear Brothers & Sisters Creative Team, More Rachel, fewer ridiculous soapy plotlines. Thanks much, Kizz)
My man, Joshua Jackson. I find that even in deplorable projects he never disappoints.
Speaking of same, there's Nathan Fillion. He's not disappointing at all. Oh no siree. Thank you makers of Castle for fulfilling all our Fillionistic needs for the forseeable future.

I hear that Judy Reyes just had a baby. I think it's her first. Congratulations Mama!
How is it that the Romulans were the best part of the recent Star Trek movie? And is Eric Bana doing the Time Traveler's Wife or is it Gerard Butler, I can't remember. This, by the way, is Bana. The more important question, though, is why can I not find a photo of Bana's Romulan sidekick who, no offense, was even hotter. (And should I have punctuated that with a question mark instead of a period?)
I miss Jesse L. Martin. He's got a laugh that can solve all your problems, I urge you to get yourself in close proximity to it.
OK, give it to me straight, I can take it. Who did I leave out?


  1. Have you seen the trailer(s?) yet for Downey, Jr.'s "Sherlock Holmes" (due out this Christmas)?

    Looks like it's gonna be good!

  2. I am with you on the Cavanagh!

  3. Thank you for this bit of deliciousness today!! Robert Downey, Jr. and Jesse Martin in one post? Swoon! How about James McAvoy and Kevin McKidd?

  4. Steph8:03 AM

    I am all caught up on Brothers & Sisters and totally agree with you! Also I didn't realize how much I miss a weekly fix of Jesse L Martin until this post. Love him