Friday, July 10, 2009


I don't weekend well.

When I was in college I'd go home for the weekend and my mother would be difficult for the first day and angry for the second. It took me years to figure out that th efirst day was about how much she'd missed me while I was gone and the second was about how soon I was leaving. Mother doesn't bottle. So maybe this inability to adapt is genetic but it's probably just me.

I worry a lot about travel. I love to be other places but getting there is an issue. Do I have everything? Will I miss the plane/train/bus? How much does this cost? Will we make the connection? So I get to stations early and I actually relish the wait. So, going away for a weekend involves all that worry for 2 days. When I weekended a lot I'd always travel on Friday night, even if it meant arriving at midnight or later. If I didn't then what was the point? Wake up on Saturday, worry travel, arrive, just get settled, maybe do one thing, go to sleep, wake up and worry about traveling home. It's like I don't get a weekend at all. People who prefer to sleep at home on Friday and travel Saturday? I do not understand your species. Please enlighten me.

My current work schedule gives me a chronic three day weekend, which is ideal for my ilk. I can travel on Friday and Sunday and still have one glorious day of relaxation in between.

What's your travel M.O.?


  1. Have a great trip!!

  2. I canna wait to hear about the bookshop. and the donut bliss. and all of it! MUAH!