Tuesday, August 04, 2009

10 Bright Stars In My Sky

Fair warning, a lot of this may be about health care because that's what a lot of people are writing about.

1. First, though, breakfast! Mihow's got cinnamon buns and they look delicious!

2. Other people are doing personal health care stories. Sharkfu over at Feministing is focusing on her family's fight for coverage for autism.

3. A graffiti artist illegally hung his own work in the Guggenheim as a commentary on the artistic merit of graffiti...and stuff. I found it interesting since I like taking pictures of graffiti, I think some of it is very interesting, but when I posted a photo a long time ago someone dismissed it quite huffily as vandalism with no room for debate.

4. Saintseester talks about where she thinks healthcare reform should start.

5. Health care is still a priority topic for DJ Blurb (and self-employed with 2 kids under the age of 6 and major medical concerns in the family why wouldn't it be?). He tosses off a couple of quotes, one quite funny if you try not to be made livid by it and the other thought provoking, at least for me. In an earlier post he talks about where he feels the "Blue Dog Democrats" have taken a turn for the crazy.

6. Madame X is writing about her friends who are in health care crisis from a financial perspective. She gives a few examples of how to help someone out when the medical bills (despite having insurance) begin to drive a friend to ruin.

7. Vanessa over at Feministing told us about a bill that may actually create some common ground in the abortion/choice debate in the US. I am skeptical yet intrigued. Earlier she reported of the moral dilemmas being brought to the fore by Nicaragua's total ban on abortions. It's far more complicated than one might think.

8. Over at The Womens' Colony (yes, I know it's cumbersome to have to add each room to your feed but I promise it's worth it) Melissa W. talked a little about Title IX and both how and why it's misunderstood. She made the math of it perfectly clear in a way I didn't know about, though many of you sports enthusiasts surely did.

9. The Governator continues to try and balance the budget for his large and troubled state. Recently he made the sweeping decision to cut all Domestic Violence Shelter funding. That's sure to go well. I mean, if a good chunk of those women and children die rather than get back on their feet you really start to see the balance sheet come back to center.

10. And, yeah, Michael Vick was unsurprisingly reinstated (and I was indicted by a conservative sports blogger for thinking he's an ass [and he used a deceptive quote, too, it was delightful]) to the NFL. No word on salary since no team has yet snapped this gem of a human up so I can hold out hope for his getting body slammed by the sport he claims to adore and doing it all for minimum wage. Surely, say, the Lions could afford minimum wage, right?


  1. Don't. Even. Get. Me. Started. On. Vick.

    I agree: he has done his time. However. Could someone please get me data on how many convicted felons have the opportunity to go back to work in their previous fields after serving time? Bonus points if the occupations are lucrative, high profile, & highly competitive.

    There are grandiose rumors about him becoming a Patriot. If so, I may have to rally. (Although I do love the idea of him sharing a locker room with Brady, a guy photographed carrying his dog around in a basket.)

  2. Dear Conservative Sports Blogger & Friends,

    For the record (though I'm shocked it needs to be said) I feel the same way about all the asshole athletes who rape, pillage, injure and kill human beings. The only one who makes me waffle is Plaxico Burress and that's because he shot himself. So he's been physically injured and proved himself not so very bright. I think that says all it needs to to his future employers.

    And, thanks for the traffic,

  3. Well, JRH, if you're a professional athlete - especially if you're a star professional athlete - you're pretty much guaranteed a second chance.

    And a third...

    And a fourth...

    And a fifth...


  4. Hey, Michael Vick just signed a two-year deal with the Eagles. I knew you would want to know.