Tuesday, August 11, 2009

10 Things Watched

I suppose I ought to put this over at PPP but I'm not going to. I've got something else to go up there today, as soon as I slot in all the links. Here I give you the last 10 things I got from Netflix.

1. Mrs. Parker & The Vicious Circle - made me want to drink copiously, copulate vigorously and spill out incredibly witty things every time I open my mouth. Wish me luck.

2. The Constant Gardener - I spent far too much of this movie trying to remember Liam Neeson's name. Even though I knew it was Ralph Fiennes in the lead role I became inexplicably afraid that it was he who was married to Natasha Richardson and that he'd done a movie where his wife died catastrophically right before his wife died catastrophically. Didn't happen. My brain made that up.

3. Cranford - For a BBC/PBS costume drama series this is both the funniest and the most depressing thing I've seen in a long time. Funny people having tragedy befall them is still sad it turns out. However, this cast doling out the horror was worth every second. I [heart] Dame Judi Dench and that's all there is to it.

4. Weeds Season 4 - Oh how sad am I that I do not have Showtime and am not immediately participating in the current season? So sad!

5. The Matador - Well, that was weird.

6. Imagine Me & You - A nice little love story where Sarah Connor does not wander in with a semi-automatic weapon and spoil the proceedings. They're spoiled entirely differently. Bonus points for Best Modernization of The Running At Each Other Through a Field of Daisies.

7. The History Boys - This movie, this concept, these characters could not happen in America. I'm surprised they even released the movie in America much less had the play garner so much acclaim. It's a lovely but tough ensemble story that made me a little less proud to be an American even though that topic never comes up in the film.

8. Marilyn Hotchkiss's Ballroom Dancing and Charm School - This had the potential to take quirky and use it to bore a hole right into your heart. Sadly that didn't quite happen.

9. Skins Volume 2 - I want Volume 3 right now. I am greedy. It's Dawson's Creek for the UK, I get that, and I love it. If you like the characters you'll be able to tolerate the iffy quality of large chunks of the series. Much more honest than most teen dramas, though, and terribly endearing.

10. Aurora Borealis - It's unclear to me how a family/coming of age drama with Donald Sutherland, Joshua Jackson and Juliette Lewis could wind up going straight to video. It is not a fabulous movie and yet it's a good story, tightly written and acted right out of the park by a quality cast. Deserves theatre space way more than, for instance, You, Me & Dupree (no offense meant).

Whatcha watching?


  1. Don't sweat Weeds too much. It's getting pretty terrible.

  2. That makes me feel better and worse. Glad I'm not missing anything. Sad that it sucks since I know a guy (from the blogosphere, not in real life) who started writing for the show in the 5th season. Oh well! I can wait.

  3. I left weeds part way thru 3. For no apparent reason other than Oh Look! Shiny Shiny! I am waiting for Dexter 3. I have slings and arrows 1 that I'm about to start. My movie viewing is nill. My attention span won't allow it these days...hopefully that will change. Oh and I'm stuck in 1 of BSG. I have problems with folloe thru apparently.

  4. I'm watching that pic. Closely. With tongue.

    Constant Gardner was not all that, or a bag of chips. IMHO.

    I am slowly creeping through Season One of LOST and I have Religulous from NF to watch.

  5. What Weeds terrible? No. I am committed to it. Its funky, yes. But the sex alone is fantastic. Mexican Drug Lord spankings can never be wrong. And she looks simply wonderful.
    True Blood, ah Eric...add to next Hot List please.
    Joe and I were just talking about Liam and his role in Love Actually where he did lose his wife in that role. Can never watch that movie enough.
    Ralph Fiennes devote' here...any Fiennes for that matter...Joe.
    And Bourdain this season... is hot hot hot! Spain blew me away!

  6. The Matador=AWESOME. Is anybody besides us watching Rescue Me this season? I walked by Mercury Lounge last night and Apache Stone was playing (no shit). If it hadn't been a $15 cover I would have checked it out.

  7. No. Just no. No no no no no! Apache Stone is REAL? (OK, I was pretty sure they were to begin with but I remain slightly horrified.)

    I don't know if anyone else is watching but for the love of Pete someone out there needs to because I just watched last week's ep and I need a support group.

  8. Don't know about any of that at all. Sorry. I do love to read your blog though. Through it, you let me know what I'm missing and also what I'm not.

  9. Glad you're reading, Laur. Thank you!

  10. I was surprised at how much I loved The Matador.